The serviced office concept was established in the UK in 2005. Companies who rely on in-person collaboration refuse to let staff work from home 24/7. Hybrid working is the new norm which has increased the popularity of serviced offices. Each individual premise is furnished, fully equipped and managed by an operator.Staff must purchase a membership to access an office. The selected type of membership determines where and when staff have access to a serviced office and what areas within the office they can occupy. 

    David Thulstrup is a Scandinavian-born, award-winning architect and designer. As the founder and creative director of @studiodavidthulstrup, the architect and designer has an extensive portfolio consisting of worldwide projects ranging from residential, hospitality, retail and hotels to furniture and lighting.

    The main focal attributes of Thulstrup’s Copenhagen-based practice are emphasising materiality and human-centered design. The aim for every project is to design interiors where people feel comfortable and confident enough to embrace their surroundings.

    The workplace is set to change as sustainability becomes a major focus for businesses. At ewop, we are committed to helping our customers and clients achieve the design they desire whilst also having minimum impact on the environment.  

    The first principle of sustainability is to value products which are well designed and well made- which last longer, and we all want to keep – thus ensuring their own longevity.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new and unprecedented challenges for millions of workers. In a short matter of weeks, the workforce has quickly implemented a shift to remote working, while maintaining business continuity and employee well-being. Looking forward, our clients across the country are tasked with transitioning employees back into the workplace safely and in alignment with government guidelines. It’s important to start planning now.
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    A safe haven, a refuge; our homes have never signified a more literal ‘safe place’ than right now. Across the country people have swiftly found themselves in their very own home offices – for many these places were formerly known as the kitchen table or the sofa. Whether you’re fortunate enough to already have a designated office space, or navigating new territory, now is the time to consciously consider your home working set-up.
    Working from home is about to become more than just a luxury reserved for the workers of today. As the current outbreak of COVID-19 approaches a global pandemic, there is an increasing likelihood that people will be working from home in the coming weeks to avoid the spread of the virus. Still, that doesn't mean it's time to panic - it means it's time to prepare. With a view of the current world situation, we've put together all the resources you might need in the event that remote working becomes a necessity.
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    Our quick round up of the design news we loved this week, from furniture made from the plastic polluting Amsterdam's canals to the future of co-working spaces.
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    After the festivities of Christmas have passed, it’s all too easy to come back and see a workplace that looks tired, dated and uninspiring. But there’s a simple and effective way to beat the office January blues: incorporating principles of sustainability, wellbeing, and flexibility into your office design will help create an environment that you and your colleagues can’t wait to get back to. We’ve rounded up the top focus areas for your workplace in 2020.
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    It's been an award-winning, insightful month in the design industry. Here is our round-up of the quick reads we've been loving at ewop.
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    Today's workforce expects options. Activity Based Working (ABW) has emerged as one of the fastest-growing design trends as a people and task-centric model addressing the problems of open plan office design. But is ABW right for all organisations – or can training and organisational approach affect its effectiveness?
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