As part of our efforts to encourage sustainable office design, Camira’s ‘Oceanic’ fabric is available as an option for some upholstered products. Get in touch with us to enquire.

    From Waste to Weave: Created from Upcycled Marine Plastic; Oceanic is designed to help achieve a waste free environment.

    For every 2kgs (4 metres) of Oceanic Fabric used on ewop furniture, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean; or the equivalent of 104 plastic bottles.

    We invite and encourage all customers to sign up to the SEAQUAL Initiative, there is absolutely no cost to this. Signing up helps support ocean clean up initiatives carried out by the work of SEAQUAL Heroes to challenge plastic pollution.

    Zero Waste Collection

    Our ‘Zero Waste’ furniture encourages redesign and reuse. Zero Waste means Zero; all of the products in this collection generate no waste and are 100% recyclable with many using recycled materials in their construction.

    Sustainable Eco Collection

    We work with responsible manufacturers, diligent in ensuring sustainability. From these we have selected the best of the best products that are over 90% recyclable.

    ‘’Ewop is committed to advancing sustainability proactively and progressively, through the work we do, in the spaces we create and in every facet of our business.
    Our approach is guided by an eye on the long term, a respect for our planet’s ecology and an understanding that we have a stewardship role to play, as designers, suppliers and individuals’’.
    Eve Waldron, ewop Founder

    Amongst the most responsible things we can do is to provide workspace solutions which have a long lifespan; products which last, age well and adapt.

    Ewop do not promote a throwaway culture which contributes to landfill.

    By getting the fundamental decisions right the first time, such as space planning, quality materials and adaptability; we reduce the need for energy to be spent in reworking spaces in the future.

    ‘High performance’ furniture which works hard for you can, and should be beautiful. In being so it helps to secure it's own longevity, furniture which continues to please and engage us over time will endure.

    Ewop embrace a holistic view of technology, materiality, humanity and ingenuity. We recognise that while good design is a constant, innovation is always changing.

    This drives us to incorporate the latest in environmental thinking in our products and operations, to behave sustainably and responsibly.

    It is through focusing on the long term that we are intrinsically sustainable.

    We safeguard the successes we have enjoyed for future generations, this approach enriches our spaces and it is the right thing to do.