Design News We Loved This Week #1

    It's been an award-winning, insightful month in the design industry. Here is our round-up of the quick reads we've been loving at ewop.

    Humanscale's Smart Ocean Task Chair has been recognised for its innovative use of sustainable materials - recycled fishing nets - in a push for new workplace uses for ocean pollutants.

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    Meet Emma - your work colleague of the future: a creepy life-sized doll detailed what UK office workers could look like in 20 years if changes aren't made to the working environment. We'll take those ergonomic task chairs now, please... 

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     The wide range of brilliant projects at this month's FX Design Awards was the perfect antidote to the above article. Check out some of the winners, and our founder Eve Waldron's own shortlisted project here...

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    Europe's largest green wall"will absorb eight tonnes of pollution annually" in London and will improve the city's air quality, dezeen says.

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