‘We believe that building a productive work environment should be a joyful process.’
    - Eve Waldron, ewop Founder

    We provide a design service. Tell us what you’re hoping to achieve, and our team of qualified designers and furniture specialists will work with you to build the right workspace.

    We use the best planning systems to help visualise your ideas and ensure your final space is well considered, efficient and impressive.

    You will have a dedicated designer on hand to help you through every stage of the process. You can see our furniture in our showroom or experience it all online.

    Tell us your needs and workspace wish list: Whether you need a few desks or everything for your office, we’ll work within your budget to identify solutions, resolve any challenges, and meet your workspace needs.

    Send us a floorplan with measurements to; your building manager, landlord, or architect should have this handy. We’ll make recommendations based on your brief to us.