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    Return to Work

    We are able to help your business navigate the COVID-19 impacted workspace by advising on immediate requirements, the transition back to the office for staff and the future redefined office. Many clients are now exploring hybrid spaces where activities can effectively take place both in person and remotely.

    In the short term we can assist you with following to help business critical work to still go ahead regardless of your staff’s location:

    · Risk assessments

    · Visitor policies / Reception & Deliveries

    · Assistance with home worker set up

    · Cleaning & Maintenance

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    When you are ready to enter the transition phase with larger numbers of staff members returning to the office we are able to help with:

    · Staff Engagement

    · Workspace Capacity

    · Reconfiguring office layouts and space planning for social distancing

    · Setting standards & best practises for safe shared space facilities

    · IT & AV considerations & touchless technology

    · Signage & Flow Management

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    Post COVID we are anticipating longer term changes to the ways of working and are well positioned to help you navigate these changes. Some of the areas we can advise on include:

    · Furniture Solutions

    · Integration of technology to allow for increased numbers of home workers

    · User Experience & Staff Confidence

    · Floorspace assessment

    · Increased wellbeing

    · Hybrid spaces & touch down area

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