UPDATED: Everything You'll Need to Work from Home

    UPDATED - 25th March 2020: 

    Following the recent government measures surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus, it's likely that the majority of workers are now working from home. With that in mind, we've updated our guide with some further resources to keep you working as effectively as possible despite the circumstances. We've got resources to help you stay productive (and sane!), ways to spend your well-deserved breaks and how to make remote working feel like the new normal.

    Apps to help you stay productive & healthy whilst working from home 

    There's a whole host of apps that can make this new normal feel a bit more positive. Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is crucial for keeping yourself healthy and productive. 

    For fitness, we love Down Dog - which has made all of its workout and yoga apps and videos free for those practising at home. 

    Taking this time to learn a new skill is also a good way to adopt a positive outlook on the situation. Don't wait until flights are running again: Duolingo gives you the option to learn 20+ languages for free, with great options to keep kids occupied too. Start now, and you'll be fluent by the time you are back to your daily commute. 

    Apple has a list of helpful apps (many of which are also available on Android) to keep you healthy whilst at home, including Houseparty to connect with friends to Calmfor your mental health.

    Home Office


    The new coronavirus lives on surfaces for 3 hours to 3 days. Here's how to disinfect them properly

    With this in mind, we suggest investing in a home office desk that is durable, versatile and is going to withstand harsh and repeated cleaning. HAY's CPH 90 Deskand T12 Desk with a linoleum or laminate top are your go-to options for hygienic and versatile home working. 

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    How to disinfect your desk

    How to Help Staff Adjust to Remote Working

    Coronavirus has made going into the office feel like the exception rather than the rule. Many people may feel unsettled, nervous, or are struggling to adjust to remote working. DigiLeaders sets out ways to support your employees.

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    How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting

    We're about to find out which of those meetings could have really just been emails. But in the meantime - here's how to get the most out of your next virtual meeting. 

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    How to Work Remotely with Kids: From the People Who Do It Successfully

    Don't be like the poor BBC reporter... Buffer has tips on how to successfully integrate your work life and family life. 

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    COVID-19: guidance for employers and businesses 

    Guidance from the government for business and employers on how to deal with an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

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    The coronavirus outbreak could change the way you work. Here's how to prepare your company

    Working remotely is about to become more than a trend.

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    Want to work from home? Here's how to ask your boss

    Tips for asking your boss for part-time or full-time 'telecommuting' arrangements.

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    Vitra Perfect Home Office

    Coronavirus may create lasting workplace change

    Business leaders are thinking creatively to adapt to the evolving crisis.

    Creating a productive home office 

    Having a productive, personal workspace in the comfort of your own home might sound unrealistic, but it can be achieved with the right layout, furniture, and lighting. Here's how to maintain a clutter-free space to help keep your goals on track and your mind focused.

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    Productivity tips for working from home

    20 tips from people who do it successfully - from setting up your office effectively to actually getting dressed

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    10 essentials for the perfect home office

    What does a home office really need? Forbes sets out the essentials (hint: it includes a good task chair)

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    Home offices sure to inspire creativity

    Some #inspo for your new interiors venture -  beautiful and practical workspaces to inspire creativity

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    Vitra Home Office

    Best home printers 2020

    The serious stuff: TechRadar rounds up the best printers for your home office. 

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    Best software to use for remote working

    From Slack to Time Doctor, here are the best tools to keep your team motivated and organised when working remotely.

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