Polly Bar Stool

    The Polly Bar Stool fundamentally provides a very comfortable ergonomic seat with as little visual detail as possible.

    The Polypropylene seat shell has subtle edge details, a soft texture and just the right amount of flex, all of which combine to provide a tactile and satisfying sitting experience.

    Polly performs quietly and combined with our easy colour range, we’re sure anyone can find a spot for this champion Bar Stool.

    Dimensions: 568mmW x 536mmD x  1105mmH

    Seat height: 750mm Seat width: 425mm

    100% Recyclable

    33.8% Recycled content

    Shell: Injection moulded in 30% glass fibre filled polypropylene which is a recyclable material. Steel inserts (for affixing bases) are screwed into 4 bosses on the underside of the stool.

    Base: Machine bent from mild steel tube and finished with a polyester powder coat. Polypropylene feet are pushed in to the bottom of the stool legs and are easily removed for recycling. The 4 leg base also has 2 x silicon extrusions clipped to the underside of the frame for stool stacking purposes.

    Delivery: 6-8 Weeks

    Warranty: 5 Years

    Lemon Yellow RAL1012
    Pastel Blue RAL5024
    Salmon Pink RAL3022
    Pale Green RAL6021
    Signal White RAL9003
    Black Grey RAL7021