Louis Poulsen

    Patera by Øivind Slaatto

    In 2015, the Patera pendant designed by Øivind Slaatto launched as a modern take on the classic chandelier, boasting a dynamic circular addition to contemporary spaces. It's glare-free 360-degree illumination provides cells that capture light and bathe it's surroundings in a natural flattering glow. Below 45 degrees, the fields are open to direct light downwards. A small amount of light is also sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling. Patera is beautiful to behold from all angles and it's Fibonacci sequence-based structure created an impression from every vantage point.

    A single Patera creates a luminous focal point. A series of them – staggered or aligned, in one size or all three – creates the sense of magic we feel when we look up at the starry sky.

    Designer: Øivind Slaatto
    Dimensions: 450W x 433H x 450L / 600W x 608H x 600L / 900W x 865H x 900L (mm)
    Shade: Cut matt PVC
    Energy class: 1x60W E27 or LED 2700K 42W or LED 3000K 42W / 1 x 100W E27 or LED 2700K 65W or LED 3000K 65W / 1 x 100W E27 or LED 2700K 96W or LED 3000K 96W
    Cable: White fabric w/wire, 4m length 
    Light control: Switch (Wireless Bluetooth or Dali - enquire) 
    Weight:5.2 / 9.9 / 11.5 (kg)
    Delivery: 3-4 Weeks
    Shipping Dimensions/Weight:480W x 463H x 480L mm (6kg) / 630W x 638H x 630L mm (10.7kg) / 930W x 895H x 930L mm (12.3kg)

    Please note: other lighting controls available (Dali and Bluetooth) - please email or phone 01223 470370 to enquire, thank you.