Outdoor Neu Table

    The Neu Table’s simple design features a small round or square table top attached to a tubular central pole and angled four-star pedestal base.

    Crafted in outdoor powder coated steel or aluminium to offer greater durability and resilience, it has a versatile quality that makes it well-suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

    Its uncluttered lines give it a sleek, understated expression, making it a popular choice for public spaces such as cafés, offices, as well as private areas such as gardens and balconies.


    • 600mmW x 600mm x 740mmH
    • 700mmDia x 740mmH
    • 600mmDia x 950mmH
    • 600mmDia x 1050mmH

    Materials: Tabletop and Column; Electro galvanised steel with outdoor powder coating. Base; Cast aluminium with outdoor powder coating. Two component coating; a primer and an outdoor powder coating which provides a barrier to corrosive elements making it suitable for outdoor use.
    Warranty: Five years
    Shipping: 4-6 weeks
    Shipping Dimensions/Weight:

    • 600mm Square; 640mmW x 630mmD x 170mmH; 17.5kg
    • 700mm Dia; 730mmW x 730mmD x 170mmH; 18.8kg
    • 600mm Dia x 950mmH; 880mmW x 635mmD x 170mmH; 16kg
    • 600mm Dia x 1050mmH; 980mmW x 635mmD x 170mmH; 16.5kg
      Anthracite 9011
      Sky Grey 7038