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    Loke Rug

    The Loke has a shiny and intense two-toned shimmer despite being uni-coloured. After weaving, the loops have been partly cut using a shaving technique, which has softened the surface and created the enhanced expression of colours.

    This rug is hand-woven in New Zealand wool on cotton warp.

    Note: Contact us for further details.

    Designer:Jens Landberg Schrøder

    • 1700mm x 2400mm
    • 2000mm x 3000mm
    • 2500mm x 3500mm

    Fabric: New Zealand wool on cotton warp.
    Care Instructions: 

    • We recommend always using an underlay.
    • Don't place the rug in direct sunlight.
    • Vacuum as needed, never with the brushes of the nozzle in the extended position.
    • You can shake the rug outside but never beat it.
    Loke Terracotta
    Loke Charcoal
    Loke Light Grey
    Loke Grey
    Loke Beige
    Loke Petrol
    Loke Dusty Green