ID Trim by Antonio Citterio - Polished Aluminium Base

    Whether for an open plan setting, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices the ID Trim benefits companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

    With its compact padding, the backrest of the ID Trim conveys a sense of classic elegance and quality craftsmanship.

    The sandwich construction with integrated lumbar support provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest while being almost as slim as a mesh backrest, offering an alternative to both of these construction types for office chair backrests.

    Note: Other colours viewable at the following links: here for Laser RE and here for Volo. Please contact to place an order using these colours.

    Designer: Antonio Citterio
    Dimensions: 700mmW x 660-795mmD x 990-1100mmH
    Seat height: 400-520mm
    Seat Width: 485mm
    Seat Depth: 400-450mm
    Spec: Adjustable lumbar support, FlowMotion with forward tilt, seat depth adjustment, 3D armrests, compact padding, five-star base in polished aluminium.

    • Stone Grey 13 & Blue/Moor Brown 19 - Laser RE; The environmentally friendly fabric Laser RE is made from recycled polyester. It has a distinctive woven appearance, which is particularly accentuated by contrasting duotones in a varied palette of 25 colours. Practical and easy to care for, as well as durable and highly abrasion-resistant, Laser RE is also well suited for office environments. 100% recycled polyester. 100,000 Martindale.
    • Indigo 10 - Volo; is a finely structured wool blend with a refined weave that gives it an elegant appearance. This textile shows strong solid colours to full advantage while offering pleasant tactile qualities, soft look and appealing texture. 85% new Wool, 15% polyamide. 100,000 Martindale.

    Mechanical: FlowMotion mechanism, can be locked in the upright sitting position. Mechanical unit matches the frame colour. Synchronised forward tilt (can be disengaged) & seat depth adjustment. Individual adjustment of backrest resistance and forward tilt.
    Backrest: Frame in polyamide soft grey, height-adjustable lumbar cushion. 
    Armrests: 3D armrests with adjustable height, width and depth and 360° swivel function. Armrest supports in polished aluminium. Armrest sleeves in polyamide matched to the frame colour with polyurethane pads.
    Seat: Polyurethane foam upholstery. Seat and back covers in fabric
    Base: Five star base in polished aluminium equipped with 60mmDia double castors.
    Environment: Constructed from 48% recycled material, 95% recyclable.
    Delivery: 5-7 weeks
    Five years
    Shipping Dimensions/Weight: 18kg

    Fabric Colour
    Stone Grey 13
    Blue Moor Brown 19
    Indigo 10