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    Gimle Rug

    A shimmering look brings out the two shades creating a stunning visual effect in this popular, classic design. The Gimle is the thickest flat-woven rug in the collection.

    The colour palette draws from Autumnal shades and the Scandinavian natural tones. Each shade complements the thick quality and the stunning two shade mottling effect.

    Gimle is extremely versatile when decorating a home.

    This rug is hand-woven in New Zealand wool on cotton warp, and it is also reversible.

    Note: Contact us for further details.

    Designer:Jens Landberg Schrøder

    • 1400mm x 2000mm
    • 1700mm x 2400mm
    • 2000mm x 3000mm

    Fabric: New Zealand wool on cotton warp. 
    Care Instructions: 

    • We recommend always using an underlay.
    • Since the rug is reversible, we recommend turning it over every six months.
    • Don't place the rug in direct sunlight.
    • Vacuum as needed, never with the brushes of the nozzle in the extended position.
    • You can shake the rug outside but never beat it.
    Gimle White and Off White
    Gimle Beige and Grey
    Gimle Beige and Black
    Gimle Black and Off White
    Gimle Cork
    Gimle Willow