Fabula Living

    Fabula Rug Underlay

    High quality underlay avoids rugs from slipping on smooth floors. The underlay is comfortable to walk on, offers impact sound insulation and protects your rug from premature wear.

    If flooring is treated with water-based lacquers, allow at least 3 months full drying time before using this product. Only suitable on floorings treated with solvent-free sealants. No adhesion when wet. 


    • 900mmW   x 2400mmD x 2.5mmH
    • 1300mmW x 1900mmD x 2.5mmH
    • 1650mmW x 2400mmD x 2.5mmH
    • 1900mmW x 2900mmD x 2.5mmH
    • 2400mmW x 3400mmD x 2.5mmH

    Material:PES/Glass fibre yarn coated on both sides with a special anti-slip PVC-foam.
    Colour: White